Brokerage consulting services and transport forwarding services

This type of cooperation is used in cases when the client himself acts as the Importer, and LLC "BUSINESS MANAGEMENT" provides delivery and / or customs clearance services.

In other words, if you are a participant in foreign economic activity (foreign economic activity) and work under a direct contract with the sender on your own, we can offer you customs clearance services (under the Electronic Signature (ES) of your company) and transportation. At the same time, our specialists will instruct you on the procedure for obtaining an electronic signature and opening a single personal account of the FCS for paying customs duties.

After customs clearance and the arrival of the cargo at the consolidation warehouse in Moscow, you will receive the following set of documents:

  • Customs declaration 
  • Universal Transfer document (for services under the BCS agreement)
  • Invoice (for services under the BCS agreement)
  • UTD (for services under a feasibility study agreement)
  • Invoice (for services under a feasibility study agreement)

As a rule, customs for this type of cooperation go through the border and customs clearance as part of our weekly groupage vehicles, which significantly reduces the client's costs for delivery and temporary storage.